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Our work is already all around you. We have been working with many of the world’s leading brands for some time now, and our expertly crafted software underpins many of today’s amazing customer experiences.

The talented teams at Mobica provide our customers with access to extensive specialist knowledge across multiple sectors including automotive, semiconductor, fintech and more.



Our talented engineers are working with the companies that are shaping the future of the automotive industry. This includes partnerships with the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 technology suppliers and silicon chip vendors

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Mobica has long standing relationships with many of the world’s largest vendors in the semiconductor industry. Our deep understanding of the low-level platforms needed to enable silicon chip technology is helping vendors to support customers looking to exploit the potential of their products.

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FinTech and PayTech

Mobica has a long history of working with world’s largest financial and payment companies to develop innovative technology solutions. These projects include the creation of point of sales solutions, mobile wallets, loyalty apps, banking integration layers and much more.

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Consumer Electronics

We are working with many of the most pioneering and best known global brands, helping them to bring ground-breaking products to market. Our talented engineers provide access to the expertise needed to embrace new and emerging technologies.

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Big Tech

Mobica is a development partner for Big Tech – helping them to bring their latest innovations to the mass market. Our talented engineers have supported a host of projects from the development of home assistance devices to next generation sports analysis.

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We enable major telecommunications companies to provide their customers with market leading services and care solutions. We do this by supplying them with the expertise they need to improve user experiences on projects that range from hardware diagnostics for mobile phones to loyalty schemes on consumer facing apps. 

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We can help you enable space technology.   Mobica works with some of the best-known organisations in the aerospace industry helping them to enable technology being deployed in space. 


Media and Entertainment

We are enabling content producers, broadcasters and telecommunications companies to connect with their audiences in new and exciting ways. Our broad engineering skillset is helping customers to build OTT platforms that allow audiences to stream content on a multitude of devices

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We can enable you to embrace and lead in Industry 4.0. We are helping our customers to deploy the technologies that will drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Industrial port at dawn at the Port of Casablanca, Morocco.

Marine and Maritime

Mobica has a long history of developing and integrating sophisticated marine and maritime technology solutions, ranging from glass cockpits for leisure boats to satellite communications for seafaring vessels.

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Health, wellbeing & sport

We help to develop technology that enhances wellbeing and sports performance. Mobica is working with health and fitness companies to develop technology that is changing lives for the better.

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We are working closely with companies in the retail industry to enhance shopping and brand experiences. Our engineers are also providing access to the expertise needed to integrate emerging technologies, such as computer vision and AI, into new retail environments. 

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