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From classic C++ programming to ground-breaking artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, our global team can provide a depth of experience and knowledge across a range of technologies and development disciplines, to help you achieve the outcomes you want.


Computer vision

We can help you transform your industry using computer vision.

The ability of camera sensors and machine learning to recognise images and detect objects is driving ground-breaking changes in multiple industries. This computer vision technology is enabling self-driving vehicles, touchless gesture-controlled user interfaces, checkout-less supermarkets and more.

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Edge and Embedded

Our unparalleled expertise in embedded systems will enable your business to embrace new and emerging technologies.

We have a wealth of experience in creating the embedded systems that bring technology solutions to life – whether that is wireless communications for industrial IoT, hardware assisted processing for edge computing or graphics accelerators for maritime and automotive navigation.

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We can help you achieve your ambitions sooner with Cloud computing. 

Our engineers will enable you to take advantage of the Cloud’s potential to realise your product vision faster and more efficiently. We can help you spin up new solutions in an instant, using microservices, produce and release new features at speed using Dev/Ops methodology, and much more.

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Next Gen

Our expertise in next-generation connectivity is accelerating the development of future technologies. 

Our engineers create solutions that increase the speed of communication within data centres, at the Edge and across the Internet of Things (IoT). This is allowing us to improve the performance of your technology by enabling faster, more cost-effective access to powerful computation.

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We help businesses to realise the full potential of silicon vendor technology. 

Our deep knowledge and expertise in silicon will enable you to take advantage of this latest chip technology so you can create pioneering products.

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Software Security

Our commitment to excellence will keep your digital infrastructure secure.

Our engineers are experienced in developing solutions that ensure high security standards are met. This enables our customers to create innovative technologies across multiple industries – including finance, payments and industrial IoT, where security considerations are a priority. 

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We enable you to deliver extraordinary experiences on mobile devices.

Mobica has a long history of creating solutions for mobile devices – it’s where our name originates – and we remain at the leading edge of developments. 

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Web Application

We provide web experiences that reflect the brilliance of your brand.   We can create compelling applications that bring technology products to life for end users.

Mobica is experienced in developing web applications for a variety of purposes – from large consumer facing cloud systems to maintenance interfaces for embedded devices.

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AI and Machine Learning

We can help you explore what is possible with artificial intelligence and machine learning presents.

The emergence of AI is revolutionising entire industries and forcing us to rethink the relationships between humans and machine

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Augmented Reality

We can help you to revolutionise user experiences with augmented reality.

We can help you create solutions that take advantage of this transformative technology to enhance your end users’ capabilities.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

We can help you to pioneer new and exciting IoT solutions that will lead your industry into the era of Industry 4.0.

The breadth of our skills base means we can bring together all the competencies required to deliver IoT solutions – covering embedded systems at device level, gateway protocols and backend infrastructure in the cloud.

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