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Mobica has a long history of developing and integrating sophisticated marine and maritime technology solutions, ranging from glass cockpits for leisure boats to satellite communications for seafaring vessels.


The breadth of our skills base is enabling our customers to embrace emerging technologies, such as the inclusion of augmented reality in enhanced navigation systems and the integration of computer vision and machine learning in subsea structural inspections.


Our engineers also have vast experience in helping customers to integrate various sensors, instruments and applications – for speed, sonar, radar, maps, multimedia, radio and more - within an aggregated UI. This allows our customers to produce multifunctional displays that deliver optimum user experiences.

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Enabling an automotive partnership

Mobica helped an OEM and tier 1 manufacturer integrate their solutions


Identifying potential gas leaks in seconds

Developing a mobile emissions detection system for a global technology company

beautiful regatta boats by the sea on a sunny day

Enabling satellite communication at sea

Mobica supported the development of a high quality marine user interface

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