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Mobica is a melting pot of talent and capability, where people with diverse skills and backgrounds come together to make the extraordinary happen.

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Software Engineer

What might a Mobican Software Engineer look like?

Ours all have well developed technical competencies and a true passion for what they do. Sometimes they join us as interns, before making the move to Junior Software Engineer and then building up their levels of knowledge, experience and responsibility. For example, one of our current Software Engineers joined us as an intern in 2018, while studying. They started working on exciting and challenging international projects almost immediately. Now, with well-developed skills in C++, C++ 17 and Python, they have worked on several projects involving the development and maintenance of automotive navigation. They make a significant contribution to the demanding projects they work on and have gained an incredible amount of trust from the customers they support.


Project Manager

What might a Mobican Project Manager look like?

Excellent communication skills are a must, as is a passion for organisation and an understanding of auditing processes. One of our current Project Managers is an excellent example of what a perfect person for the role looks like. They are an experienced internal auditor, quality specialist and Scrum Master, with experience spanning projects in Automotive, Silicone, and Emerging Market business sectors. Having joined Mobica in 2015 as a PMO Assistant, they then joined the auditing team before moving up to the Project Manager role. They were instrumental in creating the Mobica Delivery Process and were responsible for development of A-Spice rules in one of our projects. They work with two of our biggest customers, and are an invaluable member of the Mobica team.


Technical Solutions Architect

What might a Mobican Technical Solutions Architect look like?

With responsibilities that span requirements analysis, solution ideation and architectural design, our Technical Solutions Architects have all the skills needed to help our customers map out their requirements, conduct feasibility studies, derisk project plans and take the preliminary steps towards extraordinary outcomes. Often recruited from within our talented team, they may have begun their Mobica career in a different technical role, like one of our current Technical Solutions Architects, who joined us as a Technical Manager in 2009 before gradually moving from project and line managerial roles into technical pre-sales support and then to Solutions Architect. Today, they work primarily on embedded systems for Maritime, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace and Silicon sector products.


Software Consultant

What might a Mobican Software Consultant look like?

Well, for starters they always have advanced technical competencies and stacks of experience. They will have worked across complex projects in their specialist industry and across the whole software lifecycle. Often, they will have joined Mobica as a Software Engineer or Senior Software Engineer before moving up to Consultant level once their skills are perfectly tuned. One of our current Software Consultants did exactly that and can now give our customers the benefit of competencies that include Qt/QML, C++ and Python, as well as experience of developing Qt software for vending machines, implementing new HMI and backend features including Bluetooth LE communication, and improving performance and the architecture of our customers’ products. They have also recently provided a customer with Qt, C++ and Git/Gerrit training.


Competence Centre Manager

What might a Mobican Competence Centre Manager look like?

We would expect them to have complete competence in the area they manage - but that’s just one skill that our Competence Centre Managers bring to their role. They also need to have fantastic people skills and must be incredibly well organised. One of our current Competence Centre Managers began their Mobican career as a Test Engineer 12 years ago. After working across a portfolio of new projects focused on test automation, and travelling between Germany and Poland, they took on the role of Group Manager in 2016 and then Senior Group Manager from 2019. This year they became a Competence Centre Manager for Testing\DevOps and Mobile\Web Dev, managing a team of more than 20 General Managers across their competency.


Customer Success Manager

What might a Mobican Customer Success Manager look like?

Industry experience and technical skills are a huge bonus in this role, which is responsible for the delivery of incredible outcomes for our customers. In the past, we’ve recruited for this role from within Mobica. One of our current Customer Success Managers joined Mobica 12 years ago as a Software Engineer, before moving into project management and leadership roles. With C++, Embedded C and Objective C skills, and experience of working across a range of projects including a telecoms app, an application for AutoCad, and an iOS remote control marine navigation device, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to this critical role.


Account Manager

What might a Mobican Account Manager look like?

Well, they need to be as enthusiastic about developing relationships as they are about technology, and have a real understanding of what makes our customers tick. One of our current Account Managers joined us as a Project Manager more than a decade ago. With a background in software engineering, they developed their skills with Mobica and now focus on helping our customers explore their technical challenges and understand how we can help them optimise their use of AI, machine learning, graphics and computer vision. They also have specialist knowledge of hardware-assisted acceleration and how to get optimal performance from resource-constrained devices. With a naturally inquisitive mind, a passion for UX and an eye for an opportunity, they help to ensure that our business continues to grow and  thrive.


Project Administrator

What might a Mobican Project Manager look like?

With well developed data analysis skills, they’ll be adept at project management and excellent at problem solving. One of our current Project Administrators began their Mobica career as an Office Assistant before becoming a part of our Business Support Team two years later. In recognition of their skills and dedication, they were then provided with opportunity for further career progression by joining our Real Estate Department and moving up to Project Administrator. In the future, they hope to develop their specialist skills and become a Project Manager, taking on more responsibilities for helping our business provide the incredible service customers know us for.


Head of Legal

What might a leading member of the Mobican Legal Department look like?

Outstanding negotiation skills would be essential of course, as would extensive experience of working in an in-house legal function. Our amazing Head of Legal started their Mobica career as a Contracts Assistant. Now, with six years of in-house experience under their belt and well-honed skills in negotiating, reviewing and drafting a wide range of contracts, they head up one of our critical Business Support functions. Thanks to their invaluable work, we can rest assured that we’re always 100% compliant with all legislative and regulatory requirements - across all of our global sites.