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Our expertise in next-generation connectivity is accelerating the development of future technologies.

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Our engineers create solutions that increase the speed of communication within data centres

at the Edge and across the Internet of Things (IoT).

This allows us to improve the performance of your technology by enabling faster, more cost-effective access to powerful computation.


Our expertise can also help you to overcome power and bandwidth challenges at a device level. This means you can create amazing products that are able to embrace emerging technologies – and may require greater levels of computing capability.


This is the reason why Mobica was asked to be a key contributor to the ETSI specifications for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) – which is helping to reduce latency by taking computing out of cloud data centres and moving it to base stations closer to devices.


Our engineers are also helping to reduce redundancy and costs within data centres by creating the low-level programming and middleware solutions that enable software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV).

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Cloud Computing

Our engineers will enable you to take advantage of the Cloud’s potential to realise your product vision faster and more efficiently.



Our commitment to excellence will keep your digital infrastructure secure

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