Mobica Autonomous Driving Competition

After months of preparation, seven teams from across the business met at our Warsaw office to take part in the first Mobica Autonomous Driving Competition. Whilst conducting machine learning and computer vision training for our employees, we decided to launch an internal competition as a way of getting Mobicans to really develop and enhance their skills in a fun and supportive environment. The Finals were streamed live via Facebook Portal to all Mobica offices, so everyone could watch the action.

Having no prior knowledge of the competition track, the teams competed in timed heats in the categories of Line Follower (with obstacles) and City Driving (simulation of a city scene with traffic lights and traffic signs). The competition consisted of two stages: Creating the initial solution in a provided simulator and then converting it into a working solution in a real environment. Building a model with working traffic lights, road signs and buildings proved to be a real challenge, but one that definitely paid off!

CGI map for the Mobica autonomous driving competition

Huge well done to Piotr Graszka, Piotr Gilert & Michał Bokiniec who put a lot of effort into creating a model that mimicked real life situations.

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If you’d like to learn more about the Mobica Autonomous Driving Competition or discuss other areas of research our teams are working on, contact the Automotive team:

Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

Mikołaj Piekło, Mateusz Częczek, Sebastian Stoliński, Piotr Adamczak, Jerzy Baranowski, Marcin Baran, Marcin Zapolski, Adam Rodacki, Szymon Turno, Sebastian Onycher, Jacek Szczepanik, Łukasz Cieśla, Kamil Góras