Mobica contributes to new Khronos Group on GPU standards for safety critical industries

Mobica are part of a new team announced by the Khronos Group today, that is setting new standards for GPU Acceleration to safety critical industries such as automotive, avionics, medical and energy.

Now, automotive and other industries are seeking advanced GPU graphics, compute and display functionality that can be deployed in safety critical systems. In response to this industry demand, this new Khronos Working Group will create open, royalty-free API standards based on the existing Vulkan API specification to enable safety critical industries to utilize advanced graphics and compute acceleration.

Mobica CTO Jim Caroll commented, “Mobica’s customers and partners are migrating to Vulkan for both graphics and compute applications. As the API has gained momentum, the need for a safety critical implementation to support automotive projects has become clear. We are pleased to be contributing to the efforts of the new working group and look forward to supporting both implementers of safety critical Vulkan drivers and application developers to create and deploy applications compliant with a safety critical API based on Vulkan.

More information and the official press release can be found here.