Vulkan 1.2

Last month The Khronos Group announced the release of the new Vulkan 1.2 specifications for GPU acceleration. The Khronos Group is an open consortium of industry-leading companies creating open standards for the acceleration of graphics, rich media and parallel computation

Mobica is proud to support the development of conformance test suites for Vulkan, OpenGL and OpenGLES, which are used across the industry to validate graphics drivers. We spoke with our Head of Solutions, Sean Whitty about how the new Vulkan 1.2 specs will benefit the industry.

  • Numerous extensions have been integrated into the core Vulkan API, making them available on all platforms and reducing development effort
  • There is no new hardware required as all GPUs currently supporting Vulkan will be able to support version 1.2
  • Vulkan’s graphics APIs are used daily by most of us on Windows 10 and Android products and they are beneficial in utilising multi-core processors efficiently and effectively
  • Octa-core processors becoming mainstream makes solutions like this absolutely required to take advantage of increased compute power

If you want to read the full press release from The Khronos Group, you can do so below.