The Mobica Story_

Driving Expertise Since 2004


Teams with future-ready skills to build future-ready solutions

Advances in technology are equipping businesses to meet customer needs in inventive new ways and to transform business models - but all advances rely on access to highly skilled software engineering talent.


Yesterday’s science fiction has become today’s reality, high-tech devices are everyday tools, and the most practical and effective technologies will be rapidly adopted.

Today, you are likely to have used devices which incorporate Mobica developed software. If you have used a computer or smartphone, checked your social media or search engines, listened to your in-car entertainment, straightened or blow dried your hair, or even used a vacuum cleaner, you’ll have come into contact with Mobica’s work. 

Today, we’re helping businesses develop the extraordinary digital experiences of tomorrow.


We believe that technology should be empowering

By advancing the union of physical and digital through pioneering products and experiences, we get to help improve how people live their lives. We always follow a set of guiding principles to ensure we never compromise on standards and governance.

Our Values and Principles