If isolation had happened in the last decade, how would we have fared?

Over the last few weeks many of us started to retreat into self-isolation. In some countries, the UK now included, isolation has become compulsory.

If this had happened in the last decade, it’s interesting to think how we all would have fared?

The digital world has revolutionised the way we live and a large part of that is down to how commerce and human interactions has evolved. It’s easier to interact and to purchase goods and services virtually without having exchanged any physical cash or being in the same place. The processing time is faster and even social spaces, such as Facebook and Instagram, have become shopping centres or places for online commerce.

As the payment industry moves forward, consumers will be looking for online payments to be instant, free and above all, secure. Already companies are making huge changes to the software behind their POS capabilities and the devices and end points that facilitate payments are rapidly changing too. Using phones or smart devices for payments is already prevalent and you could soon be using your car to manage your fuel payments or recharge your electric vehicle.

This change in consumer behaviour, is driving new idea generation for our specialist teams who are adapting their expertise in fintech technologies and are now able to use their knowledge in the most creative ways.

The possibilities that once seemed wild and futuristic, are suddenly becoming reality.


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