AI on Alexa for Talisker Whiskey

Mobica joined forces with tech start-up SayItNow for their client Diageo, the British multinational alcoholic beverages company which includes brands such as Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, and Guinness. The team delivered a new Amazon Alexa Skill to promote Diageo’s Scotch whiskey brand Talisker. The Alexa Skill is currently only available in the UK and will take consumers on an “audio journey that will educate them on how to taste Scotch.”

The name of the skill is Talisker Tasting Experience. Users can name one of three whiskeys under the brand they want to learn more about: Talisker Skye, Talisker Storm, or Talisker 10-year-old Single Malt. Once a whiskey is selected, the ‘audio journey’ and more information about the selected spirit will launch. Then, users are prompted to ask any questions about the backstory of the drink or flavors of Scotch they may like to try in the future. The questions are age-gated, available only for those 18 and older.

This video shows the app in action

Talisker is a brand with an extremely rich heritage, produced by the sea on the Isle of Skye. When approaching this project, we were looking to bring elements of this location and the fantastic tasting tours at the Talisker Distillery into people’s homes. Voice is the perfect technology to do just this and provide an enhanced brand experience by putting the consumer, product, and brand at the center of tasting, in a completely seamless and non-intrusive way.