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Our focus over the years has been on creating and delivering highly complex projects within the connected devices space. Connectivity with security is an essential requirement in building trust for the products and services we help our customers bring to market, for us they go hand in hand.

As the vehicle is now a connected device, we’ve seen huge growth in our automotive sector helping Tier1s and Vehicle OEMs develop the next generation of in-vehicle and offboard solutions. Naturally, ensuring the security of automotive connectivity is of increasing importance, where innovative connectivity technologies, like 5G, regularly raise the bar.

Security underpins the protection for end user data the market demands, while allowing vendors to optimise their services. Hacks and security breaches are still all too common, highlighting the need for constant vigilance. Mobica can support your connectivity & security goals by evaluating existing security practices, building your security policies in a well-defined way, and testing for vulnerabilities. In terms of secure architecture, simply put, we offer best-practice implementation and deployment services to deliver your project.

As experts in automotive software, Mobica can help deliver the secure connectivity your business demands. Our deep expertise means we can help at all stages of the project lifecycle, with planning, design, and implementation, ensuring your security is not compromised by the drive for automotive connectivity.

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