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Helping customers, and setting industry standards in global automotive markets

We’ve been responsible for increasing the compatibility and interoperability of navigation solutions by enabling the exchange of navigational data between systems that comply with Navigation Data Standard (NDS) – directly advising our customers on the direction of the NDS specification.

We’re working with leading suppliers of mapping data and solutions to North American, European and Asian automotive markets and with their end customers to develop connected navigation systems, V2V/V2I systems and longer term autonomous vehicle technology. We’re involved with a number of form factors including in-vehicle head units, mobile applications, and aftermarket PNDs developing core APIs such as search, guidance, routing, rendering, places and traffic, as well as creating end user SDKs and bespoke experiences to vehicle OEMs licensing our customers technology.

We have more than 150 engineers working on navigation solutions for North America, European and Asian markets including our independent QA team who are assigned globally to help with field testing, test automation, CE device testing, and security testing.

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