We partner with the world’s leading semiconductor and software companies to build innovative SoC Solutions, playing a leading role in enabling the semiconductor industry to innovate and differentiate through software. Our customers include SoC manufacturers, silicon IP companies, microcontroller manufacturers, module/component suppliers and tools providers.


We help our SoC customers to accelerate and optimise software solutions, get to market faster and sell more silicon. We also support their end customers either directly or indirectly to create customised variants so they can concentrate on their next development.

In network and storage we help develop virtualisation technologies to minimise space and make maintenance easier.

We’re especially known for the world class expertise of our graphics/vision team, who’ve been creating innovative GPU and image processing solutions for a decade.

Over a decade at the forefront

We’ve delivered a wide range of projects for the semiconductor industry, with delivery teams of up to fifty-plus engineers dedicated to the projects of global technology leaders.

We’ve worked for many years with Intel – and with many of their end customers in different markets. As well as knowing how to meet some of the highest standards in the world, we also understand the fundamental differences in requirements needed by different market sectors.

Today we’re at the leading edge of the world of connected devices including smart phones, wearables, cars and connected homes.

We’re also experienced in dealing with telecommunications and server infrastructure such as transactional systems, storage/RAID platforms, gateways, IP services, Cloud RAN, base stations and virtualisation.

Our areas of expertise

  • Highly specialised coprocessor integration experience covering graphics acceleration, multimedia integration, and telephony development
  • Embedded solutions on varying software platforms including custom OS and proprietary SoC development
  • Complete solutions for all BSP components, reference platforms, device drivers and middleware
  • Leading edge APIs such as OpenGL/ES, OpenVG, OpenCL, OpenMAX
  • Proven track record delivering to automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, M2M/IoT and Cloud vertical markets
  • Bluetooth telephony including oFono and Bluez

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