Computer Vision

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Computer vision is the key technology that lets the car “see” and analyze the environment. It involves the process of taking data from images or video footage and transforming them into new representations. The transformation might be converting a grayscale image from a colour image, recognising a pedestrian crossing the street by analysing colour and brightness, or producing high-quality video footage by removing camera shake.

It’s a key technology for the auomotive industry, and one that we at Mobica work with every day. But we also know that the this tech is not just for a single industry, here are a few simple examples:

• Face and fingerprint recognition

• 3D imaging and rendering

• IoT based surveillance monitoring for intruders

• Non-invasive medical techniques

Computer vision is being widely applied across industries as a cutting edge technology. It also integrates well with other sectors, such as artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous vehicles, allowing for seamless experiences. If you wish to stay ahead, it’s essential to consider computer vision as part of your researh and development plans.



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