Mobica has established many long-term partnerships and affiliations with leading players across all sectors, and is working every day to set new standards, both contributing to and fostering innovation in all its forms. See below for more information on our partnerships


We’ve been a member of the Apple MFi Program for Developers since early 2015, and we’re presently working with our key customers to develop and deliver within Apple’s Ecosystem.


We’re an ARM Connected Community member and part of the ARM OpenGL / ES Working Group. We have worked with ARM for a number of years and have particular expertise in the development of Mali GPU graphics. In early 2013 we were invited to join the ARM Connected Community, enabling us to share our knowledge and expertise, as well as access resources that help us to create even more innovative solutions.

Imagination Technologies

We’re an Imagination Technologies PowerVR partner. We have worked with Imagination Technologies since 2007. Our membership of the programme gives us an early insight into new developments, as well as access to support enabling us to get the most from Imagination’s products.”

Intel IoT Solutions Alliance

We’re a strategic partner to Intel’s Automotive Division and their Kendrick Peak Platform, and an official Intel IoT Solutions Alliance affiliate member as well as an engineering partner for the Intel® Atom™ Bayley Bay EV/CRB. We have been an Intel IoT Solutions Alliance Affiliate Member since 2011. Membership gives us early access to roadmaps, test platforms, and design support for solutions based on the latest Intel processors.

The Khronos Group

We’ve been a member of the Khronos Group since 2013, contributing to the development of Khronos API specifications and helping to accelerate the delivery of their cutting-edge 3D graphics, compute and vision platforms through early access to specification drafts and conformance tests. Our engineers contribute to a number of working groups and have particular expertise in the development of conformance test suites.


DiSTI is the global leader in the provision of cutting-edge HMI solutions for businesses, governments and the military. Their main product, GL Studio, enables the creation of high definition safety critical 3D user interface graphics. Mobica partners with DiSTI and its ecosystem of customers to support the design and implementation of visually compelling and powerful front ends for a variety of market sectors.

GENIVI® Alliance

We have been a member of the GENIVI® Alliance since 2011 and have expert knowledge in working with the specification in commercial projects. We are actively involved in key expert groups, enabling us to share ideas and build working relationships with leading Vehicle OEM, Tier 1, and OSV companies.


We are one of the original founder members of the PKN - the Polish Committee for Standardisation, allowing Mobica in Poland to take an active part in C++ Standardisation. PKN is a member of ISO, IEC , CEN and CENELEC communities. It is also signatory (as NSO) of the MoU with ETSI.


As a Dolby Certification Partner, we’re currently supporting both implementation and system certification testing for licensees of Dolby’s latest audio technologies. We provide technical expertise, testing knowledge and configuration management to many industry-leading OEMs and platform providers, making sure of full compliance and a significant improvement in approval-related efforts.

Frog by Wyplay

Frog by Wyplay is a proven convergent TV middleware solution, offered through an open source model that yields greater speed to market for an open community of operators, system integrators and vendors. As an official Frog affiliate member we’ve worked in the TV and broadcasting sector helping to develop STBs and home media gateways. As a partner of Frog by Wyplay, we lend our professional expertise to enhance architecture, security, UI and app frameworks in solutions that integrate the Frog middleware.


As an identified MasterCard Licensee Partner, we’re able to develop and connect to MasterCard’s ‘MasterPass’ digital wallet and access the specifications to ensure compliance with MasterCard’s standards. The partnership recognises Mobica’s significant expertise in developing and integrating solutions based on MasterCard SDKs.


As a Visa Europe Technology Partner and a recognised member of Visa’s Technology Partner Programme, we’re permitted to access Visas specifications and documentation needed for compliance with industry standards. Mobica has expertise in using Visa solutions to administer development and integration services.


As an early member of the RDK partner programme, launched in autumn 2013, we’ve taken an active role in the development of components and systems integrated into the RDK STB Framework. This is helping us to develop first-class solutions particularly as network operators take greater ownership of the STB middleware stack. RDK is an industry standard and is used by some of the world’s largest vendors, software developers, system integrators, and TV service providers. By using RDK, our solutions support the rich internet-to-tv solutions, and we are proud to be a part of its supportive community.

Real VNC

Mobica is an official partner to RealVNC whose software is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide in over 1bn devices. The partnership draws on Mobica’s specialism in porting the VNC Automotive SDK to Tizen, a GENIVI compliant platform partner, to enable smartphone to vehicle connectivity.


Mobica are an Oracle Silver Level Partner