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Looking for the best software engineering and development talent to save the day? With a global team of experts with superpowers across the tech stack, we can help you create the amazing software of tomorrow, transforming people’s day-to-day lives.

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Access knowledgeable and highly experienced tech pros, who have future-ready skills to help you build future- ready solutions.


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Who we work with

Our work is all around you. We have been collaborating with many of the world’s leading brands for some time now, and our expertly crafted software underpins many of today’s amazing customer experiences.

What others say_

“Mobica has become a trusted and fundamental part of the team. The partnership has been a big success and we all appreciate the value that Mobica brings.”

Cedric Hardouin,
Executive Vice President of Research & Development

“One of the reasons working with Mobica has been so successful is because the service provided goes beyond simply delivering highly skilled engineers.”

Neil Tooley,
R&D Manager (EMEA)

“The key differentiating factor between Mobica and other options was experience, professionalism and flexibility.”

Mikael Holber,
Director of Delivery and Professional Services

Why Mobica?_

With us, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that we can take care of all your software engineering demands, whatever they may be. Our specialists cover everything you need to make digital transformation a reality.

What can you expect when working with a Mobican?


Ideas and innovation

We’re a proactive, talented team of people, who pride themselves on getting under the skin of advancing technologies. Our work is all around you, helping world-leading brands with outstanding software that underpins many of today’s amazing customer experiences.



From providing technical specialists to taking full accountability for the outcome of a project, there are a range of different ways to work with us. We can work on-site, remotely or take a hybrid approach, providing you with the resource that best meets your needs.


Scale, breadth and depth

With deep knowledge across multiple platforms and technologies, you can outsource to a single, expert partner. From chip to cloud, we bring a strong, collaborative culture, so you can benefit from the shared knowledge and support of the entire Mobica team.


Easy to do business with

Our services will integrate seamlessly with your existing processes, augmenting your overall development machine. When scaling with Mobica, you’re not just accelerating delivery, but also accessing the brightest ideas and newest technology practices.


Reliable delivery

As part of our Customer Success approach, we’ve invested to build organisational processes and team structures that place our customers right at the heart of the Mobica culture. Your goals become our goals, and your success is our number one priority, so you know you can depend on us.


Cost control

Development talent can be difficult to find, attract and retain. We make it easier for you to reduce risk and control costs, by enabling you to add the right talent to your team when and where it’s really needed. By offering three different ways of working, you can tailor the service you need and make the most of your budget.


Our Services Include

Access knowledgeable and highly experienced tech pros, who have future-ready skills to help you build future- ready solutions.


Software Engineering


Tech Consulting


Integration and Optimisation


Deployment and Maintenance


UI / UX Design


Quality Assurance and Testing

Specialists cover full tech stack including languages, frameworks, platform and more:

  • React native
  • C, C#, C++, .Net & Azure & MSSQL
  • Kernel, Android, Kotlin, Compose UI
  • Angular, React, JavaScript, ReactNative, Flutter
  • Linux and Driver
  • Vulkan, Open GL, Open CL
  • AI/ML model development
  • Python, GO, Bash
  • Qt/QML
  • Web and WebUI
  • RTOS, microcontrollers (bare-metal)
  • JS & Cypress, JS & Jest
  • Selenium, Robot, Appium, Squish, BDD, Linux
  • Jira, Zephyr, Testlink, Postman
  • PMP, Prince2, AgilePM
  • Scrum, Scalable Scrum (SAFe, LeSS)
  • ITIL, Prince2 or PMP
  • Fluentd, Prometheus, DataDog, Elastic, Logstash, Grafana, Instana, Splunk, Graylog, Icinga, Sentry, Zipkin
  • Kubernetes (K8s), Nomad, Consul, NGiNX, VMware
  • Terraform, Ansible, Cloud Formation, Packer
  • Anchore, Trivy, WhiteSource, BlackDuck, Snyk
  • AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Kubernetes (K8s) & VMware
  • Jenkins, Gitlab, CircleCI, TravisCI, Github, Android, Swift & iOS
  • Java & Spring & AWS, Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL
  • NodeJS
Success Stories_

With an extensive range of C++ software engineer jobs available, take a look at some of the projects our C++ talent has worked on to date.

Making waves with satellite communication at sea

Developing a high-quality marine user interface

Accelerating an automotive partnership

Seamlessly integrating an infotainment platform

Out of this world space support

Creating flight software to control spacecrafts

Setting a new standard

Bringing Vulkan’s new standard to market fast

Key ingredients for success

Enhancing UI for coffee vending machines

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Our industry-leading experts can ensure you seize new opportunities, allow your business to scale fast, and deliver the solutions set to shape tomorrow.

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