Enabling an automotive partnership_

Mobica helped an OEM and tier 1 manufacturer integrate their solutions


The Challenge_

A global leader in navigation technology won a contract to supply its product to one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. The product would need to integrate seamlessly with the OEM’s infotainment platform. However, the navigation vendor did not have the required middleware capabilities needed to deliver the solution on time and up to the standards required by the OEM.

Given the scale of the project and the timelines involved, the vendor needed access to technical domain experts and a large team of integration specialists to fulfil its contract.


The Solution

The vendor selected Mobica as its integration partner for the project due to our vast experience in developing navigation solutions, embedded automotive systems and middleware. Our ability to supply an 80-strong full-time team of skilled specialists for the duration of the project was also a major advantage for the customer.

The Mobica team provided support throughout the whole software lifecycle – from the initial architecture design and feature developments to the pre-integration and bug fixing phases. 

This included the integration of multiple components with the OEM’s infotainment system, including guidance, traffic information, positioning, search, settings, routing, points of interest (PoIs) and other features.



The vendor gained access to a large team of specialists, which included subject matter experts who could provide guidance on the right course of action to take with Linux OS adjustments, middleware design and pre-integration activities.

This team had the scale, skills and experience to ensure that every aspect of the project was a success. For example, we were able to increase the efficiency of the quality assurance process by introducing a bug triage, which helped the vendor resolve the biggest problems first – helping them to deliver the system on time and in line with the OEM’s project schedule. 

The expertise supplied by Mobica also allowed the vendor to run a bootcamp at the OEM’s premises. This enabled knowledge transfer that helped the integration process go as smoothly as possible.

“By having the Mobica team support the integration, we have been able to deliver a fantastic solution, which is now helping drivers around the world. They played a crucial enabling role in that success story.”

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