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We are a global software services company, delivering enabling technologies that transform business outcomes. We offer scalable custom software engineering with technical and delivery excellence, across the stack, from chip to cloud.

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Mapping out the prospects of driverless vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are living proof that the future is here. The sort of thing that we used to see in sci-fi films, driverless cars are well on their way to becoming the new normal of global highways as auto manufacturers the world over race to develop and pilot unique variations of unprecedented technologies. As a result, the industry is somewhat unsurprisingly expected to become highly lucrative in the relatively near-term.


Mobica delivers for WorldPay

Mobica have recently worked with Worldpay on the development of their IoT SDK; Worldpay Within.

Our Services

Software Engineering

You can count on us across the stack, and across the software lifecycle. We can help with all stages of software development: Concepts and requirements definition, technical design, software design, usability, development and testing – from individual components through to complete product and platform development. With expertise at all layers of the software stack across multiple platforms, and for connected/smart devices, platforms, back-end and cloud, we look forward to partnering with you to bring your software solutions to market.

Software Engineering

Technology Consultancy

As thought leaders working extensively in R&D with proven expertise in all our technology areas and industries, we can add innovative ideas and real value to your product development – helping you get your new products and services faster to market and with lower risk.

Technology Consultancy

QA & Testing

Our solid reputation for quality assurance and testing – carried out by our own independent software testing division – comes from having successfully delivered a wide range of testing services in mobile, embedded, cloud and back-end projects for major global organisations.

QA & Testing


We can help you to get the user experience absolutely right – making sure your technology is fully adopted by your users, and that they can take full advantage of its features.



Proud to be at the forefront of the automotive software revolution, we partner with the world’s leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 companies to develop innovative software. As a member of GENIVI and the Khronos Group we are at the heart of defining key standards that are integral to the roadmap of the connected car.


We know Silicon. For over a decade, we have partnered with the world’s leading semiconductor and software companies to build innovative SoC solutions. We play a leading role in enabling the semiconductor industry, our customers include SoC manufacturers, silicon IP companies, microcontroller manufacturers, and module/component suppliers.

Connected Devices

Our deep software expertise in Silicon and enabling new technologies in both Silicon and Automotive, has expanded our reach in to new areas. We deliver software excellence, innovation, and new products and services for our customers in FinTech, Telecoms and Media, TV and Broadcasting.

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