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Redefining the driving experience for software-defined vehicles

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The automotive industry is always moving in one direction - forward.

The transition towards the software-defined vehicle (SDV) is a fascinating transformation for the sector. Underpinned by intuitive and dynamic software and computing technology, SDVs are accelerating innovation at an astounding pace.


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Software features are redefining what we come to expect from our vehicles. It’s creating valuable new revenue streams for OEMs, while meeting rising consumer demands. This software-centric architecture means a vehicle can be upgraded over time, with new applications downloaded and added to enhance its functions throughout the SDVs lifespan.

But what are the vital software considerations you need to take into account for this new kind of driving - and manufacturing - experience?

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What’s on the horizon for SDVs?

If you’re an OEM looking to overtake the competition, then our complimentary new e-guide is for you. Discover:

  • The latest SDV innovations driving the industry forward
  • What’s needed to create tomorrow’s technologies
  • The impact of SAE’s Levels of Driving Automation
  • How to take digital cockpits up a gear
  • How to avoid SDV barriers and risks
  • What’s required to develop the next generation of in-vehicle solutions
  • Why trusted partnerships between ambitious OEMs and forward-thinking technology pioneers are essential

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Software Defined Vehicles

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“Previously, vehicle manufacturers differentiated their products through mechanical traits; greater horsepower, increased torque. Nowadays, software solutions are what’s putting distance between a manufacturer and its competitors.”


“The in-cabin experience is now just as much about apps, user interface, and audio and video features, as it is about driving design, dynamics and comfort. Drivers and passengers want this connection to be seamless, offering a personalised and immersive experience that must also be completely safe and secure.”

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Przemyslaw Krokosz, Edge and Embedded Technology Solutions Specialist at Mobica

Having recently worked with leading automotive brands such as BMW and Volkswagen Group, Przemysław’s is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background and a vast knowledge of software developments for the automotive industry. He joined Mobica in 2009 and has worked with many prestigious customers in technical pre-sales, leading to commercial projects with Vodafone, BT, the European Space Agency, Airbus, easyJet, Thales, Teledyne Technologies, Oceaneering, Intel, and others. With a tech consultancy career spanning 25 years, Przemysław previously held the role of CTO at several technology companies. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology and has a particular interest in AI, machine learning, electric vehicles, and battery technologies.

Redefining the driving experience for software-defined vehicle

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