Our Services_

With a global team of engineers providing talent across the tech stack, we help businesses develop and build the products and services that improve how people live their lives.


Our services_

Whether you need extra development talent to help you get a project off the ground or long-term support to build the software that will make your products exceptional and keep your business growing, we've designed our Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) to provide you with all the flexibility you need.


Software engineering

From concept creation and requirements definition, through technical design and on to development, build and testing, Mobica is here to support you at every stage of the software lifecycle. Our engineers are handpicked not only for their skills and experience, but also because they are enthusiastic, proactive and adaptable. Whatever your mission is, you can be certain they will make it their own.


Technology consultancy

Call on our best-in-class research and development team when you need to get products to market faster, maximise on new growth opportunities and stay competitive in ever-changing marketplaces. This team of original thinkers are great at getting under the skin of advancing technologies, to help you build unique solutions that will keep your business at the cutting edge without exposing you to unnecessary risks.


QA and testing

Our independent software testing division has built a solid reputation for delivering robust and reliable quality assurance (QA) and testing. It’s a reputation gained by successfully providing a broad range of testing services for major global businesses; across multiple sectors. The businesses we work with depend on us to ensure their mobile, embedded, cloud and back-end projects meet the desired standard every time.



When your business is inventing the products that will bring physical and digital experiences together and take the customers of tomorrow on incredible journeys, the brilliance of your software engineering is critical. We can help you to get the user experience absolutely right, to make sure your technology is fully adopted by your users, and that they can take full advantage of its features.


Sector insights_

Mobica’s incredible people work alongside some of the world's leading brands to create the software that is helping reshape customer experiences and move industries forward into a more connected tomorrow. We have specialist teams for multiple sectors, including automotive, media and fintech.



Mobica is proud to be at the forefront of the automotive software revolution. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers to develop truly innovative software solutions for the connected and autonomous vehicles of the future. From infotainment and navigation to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and vehicle security, we’re helping to shape new industry standards and plot the roadmap for tomorrow's connected car.



Our talented FinTech team partners with some of the industry’s most notable pioneers to create exceptional customer experiences. We work with brands like WorldPay, Verifone, and Gemalto to unlock the potential of automation and analytics, and revolutionise the way consumers manage their money. Come to us for customised solutions covering digital banking, mobile payments, value add and loyalty services, system integration and more.



We help businesses in the media, television and broadcasting industry seize a competitive advantage through enhanced services and seamless streaming services. Our customers include TV and set top box manufacturers as well as media operators and multimedia providers. For those providers, we build software that enables content streaming across multiple devices including TVs, set top boxes, mobile phones, tablets, and gaming platforms.


Telecoms and mobile

With engineers that specialise in developing for the telecoms industry, we’re helping the businesses we work with stay ahead in a fast moving world. Come to us for calling and messaging solutions, near field connectivity (NFC) and bluetooth drivers, and mobile app and operating system development. Our customers include network operators, device manufacturers and independent software vendors (ISVs) like Intel, ARM, T-Mobile, Trainline and Vodafone.


Our technology services_

From classic C++ programming to ground-breaking artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, our global team can provide a depth of experience and knowledge across a range of technologies and development disciplines, to help you achieve the outcomes you want.


Edge and embedded systems

Our unparalleled expertise in embedded systems will enable your business to embrace new and emerging technologies.



Our deep knowledge and expertise in firmware will enable you to take advantage of this latest chip technology so you can create pioneering products.


Next generation

Our expertise in next-generation connectivity is accelerating the development of future technologies.


Cloud Computing

We can help you achieve your ambitions sooner with Cloud computing.


Explore our partnerships

Thanks to a strong network of relationships with some of the tech industry’s leading players, we are able to stay abreast of emerging technologies, access exclusive resources and provide an even more extraordinary service to our global customers.

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