Health, wellbeing and sports_

We help to develop technology that enhances wellbeing and sports performance


Mobica is working with health and fitness companies to develop technology that is changing lives for the better.


Our engineers enable our customers to embrace emerging technologies, such as computer vision and machine learning, for a variety of uses. These projects range from monitoring the safety of vulnerable adults in their own homes to analysing the movement of elite sports professionals for training purposes.


Our broad range of engineering skills can help you to turn conceptual ideas and turn them into fully functional transformative technology that will perform to the highest possible standards.

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Media and Entertainment

This expertise and experience can help you to explore new concepts – and our commitment to excellence will ensure your new product will be reliable, secure and offer the optimum user experience.  

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We enable major telecommunications companies to provide their customers with market leading services and care solutions. We do this by supplying them with the expertise they need to improve user experiences on projects that range from hardware diagnostics for mobile phones to loyalty schemes on consumer facing apps.

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Consumer electronics

Our experience in working at the leading edge of consumer electronics also allows us to provide continuous testing and updates. This ensures devices that are already live in the market always perform to the highest possible standard.

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