We enable you to deliver extraordinary experiences on mobile devices.

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Mobica has a long history of creating solutions for mobile devices – it’s where our name originates – and we remain at the leading edge of developments.

This deep understanding allows us to provide our customers with next generation solutions that enable them to innovate in new and fantastic ways.


Whether your ambition is to create consumer payment apps, employee self-service portals or data management and control dashboards for embedded industrial equipment, we are here to support your aspirations.


Our broad skills base allows us to work with all the latest app technology, regardless of whether this is a progressive web application (PWA), hybrid or native platform. 


At the same time, our expertise in embedded systems on mobile devices – be this a phone, smartwatch or other wearable tech – enables us to overcome the technical challenges of opening the hardware for application programming. 

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We will help you to provide your customers and employees with amazing end user experiences.

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Web Applications

We provide web experiences that reflect the brilliance of your brand.

Technology Infrasture and data

Next generation

Our expertise in next-generation connectivity is accelerating the development of future technologies.

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