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Environmental, social and governance initiatives

At Mobica, we believe that businesses should strive to be extraordinary. The plans we make for our organisation are meaningless if we fail to act responsibly, and that begins with making strong environmental and social values a way of life, embedded in everyday actions.

We’re setting challenging goals for our business as it grows. Goals that will help us better support the communities we serve, nurture our people and protect the planet. We’re committed to reducing carbon emissions, building sustainable supply chains and prioritising the wellbeing of every person our work touches.

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Reducing environmental impact_

We’re already taking action to make our Mobica workplaces more environmentally friendly. From encouraging recycling to installing low energy lighting, we’re making the small changes that add up to a big difference.


We’re minimising the impact we have on the planet through a series of pledges that will help us set realistic goals and measure our progress.

Our environmental pledges_
75% of Mobica offices will be located in buildings holding environmental certificates by the end of 2022 (currently 45%)
By the end of 2022 all of our offices will use LED lighting (currently 42% do.)
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Mobica will continue to recycle waste of all types, and will define local recycling standards for all sites.
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Making a positive difference_

Increasing our social value starts with taking care of our teams. That means making inclusivity, equality and diversity a priority and ensuring every Mobican feels valued and respected. It means paying attention to work-life balance and offering hybrid and remote working options, and it means making sure every voice is heard on the issues that matter.

By instilling positive values across our own community, we can start to make a difference to the communities beyond. Our aim is to establish Mobica as a global force for good.

Our social value pledges_
We will not tolerate modern slavery in our supply and value chain and have introduced clauses to all supplier and client contracts which require compliance with MSA 2015 or the local equivalent as well as our Code of Conduct & Ethics.
We will continue to support charities in the areas surrounding our regional offices and to contribute to local community initiatives.
We will continue to prioritise employee wellbeing. (We’ve already been recognised for our approach to wellbeing by Poland’s Wellbeing Institute and want to keep up this great work.)
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A carefully governed ethical business_

As a business, we are committed to operating fairly, ethically and in a consistently transparent way. This commitment begins with our board members and applies across every part of our organisation. It is continually monitored and our findings are shared as a part of our broader corporate strategy.

Our governance pledges_
We maintain accurate documentation of our finances and tax obligations, ensuring that we always comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
We will always respect the rights of whistleblowers and have procedures in place to protect their anonymity.
We have a robust anti-bribery and corruption policy and operate in full compliance with national and international laws.
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Our Remuneration Committee considers salary and benefits packages for all executive management and other highly paid Mobicans. This ensures that salaries are aligned with market and industry standards and are proportionate to business performance.


How we behave is a reflection of our core beliefs as individuals and is collectively represented in our company’s culture as shared values. We bring these values to life by being fearless and taking responsibility for the difference we can make to our communities, the software services industry and the planet. Our corporate social responsibility strategy is focused on caring for our people and the environment, and on giving back to communities through volunteering and charitable works.

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