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Diversity, equality and inclusion

Every Mobica employee is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, so we’ve made it our mission to create a working environment where team members feel welcome, are protected from discrimination and have access to equal opportunities.

We aim to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people we can find, from a range of backgrounds and cultures. Inclusivity and equality are cornerstones of our Mobica community and a big part of what makes us so brilliant to work with. Here, dedication and performance are valued and rewarded regardless of nationality, gender, age, religious beliefs or other personal characteristics. Here, diversity is celebrated and everyone belongs.

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A culturally diverse team_

We already have Mobicans of 17 different nationalities. As we grow, our aim is to build a team that better represents the communities around us.


We have a responsibility to make a difference for our employees, our clients and the future of technology, which is why we will always value skills, ideas and progressive attitudes above all else. We know that this kind of inclusive approach inspires innovation and enhances performance, helping us be the best we can be.

Supporting women in tech_

We know that there's a gender bias in the tech industry, and we want to contribute to changing this.

We're working to make Mobica a workplace where female tech talent is better represented. Our recruitment policies reflect our focus on gender equality, as does our zero tolerance approach to salary inequalities - and women already make up a third of our leadership team.

As a business, we recognise that there are barriers to progression for women in tech. We strive to remove these barriers by providing:-
More opportunities for talented women across all departments and specialisms.
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Clear career progression pathways and leadership opportunities.
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Personal and professional development opportunities to build skills and confidence.
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A supportive and inclusive culture, where everyone is equal.
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Flexible, hybrid and remote working options for a better work-life balance.
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Aritree Bose

Growing up as part of a generation when technology was the most fascinating and rapidly-evolving industry meant I always wanted a career in technology. There's still plenty that could be done to champion greater diversity across the industry, including making workplaces more accessible and accommodating to women's needs, but many companies - like Mobica - are working hard to make this change. I would encourage women who are considering a career in the tech industry to jump at the opportunity. It's hard work but rewarding. I've handled critical projects with companies like Meta, which I'm very proud of, and I have wonderful colleagues who have always treated me as their equal.

Lorna McNeill

I think there’s a complex mix of reasons why women are less likely than men to choose STEM subjects or pursue tech careers, but it’s important to turn the tide. I want to be a positive role model for my daughters and think it’s important that we start to see more women in senior positions across this industry - otherwise the lack of female role models can put women off and it becomes self-perpetuating. My advice to women who want a tech role would be to get experience in lots of different areas and be proud of every success, however small. The thing I love most about my role is working alongside incredibly talented people and solving complex technical problems.

Deanna Raven

It’s so important for women to be themselves in the workplace. While networking and sharing experiences is vital, changing to suit your peers isn’t always the best course of action - be true to you. Gender can affect the way you are perceived in some places and women can feel under pressure to prove themselves daily, but we bring varied experiences and skill sets to the tech industry and that has real value. Mobica has definitely recognised that. I joined as a Software Engineer and quickly progressed to the role of Senior Software Test Engineer. I then moved into the role of Project Manager and now I am a Senior Project Manager. Mobica has given me the opportunity to learn and grow. I truly feel, here is where I belong!

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Encouraging empathy and understanding_

Every workplace should be a safe space, where employees can expect to be treated fairly and with dignity.

We have a duty to actively challenge all forms of discrimination and will always strive to provide equal opportunities to our current and future team members.

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Nurturing wellbeing at work_

The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have affected us all in different ways. Our first priority during the lockdowns of recent times was employee wellbeing, and this continues to be the case.

We have developed ways of working and collaborative initiatives to protect the wellbeing of our Mobicans, and in 2021 our approach was recognised by the Wellbeing Institute in Poland. We know that by nurturing the wellbeing of our people, we nurture the wellbeing of our business.


The benefits of having a diverse workforce from different backgrounds, recruited and developed only on the basis of ability, is a core personal belief for me - so I join with other members of Mobica’s leadership in promoting a commitment to recognise equal opportunities and rights for our talented individuals. Every Mobican can expect to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of personal characteristics or beliefs.

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