Mobica and Navico: sailing to success_

Global marine company reaps the rewards of a long-standing partnership



Navico is the world's largest marine electronics company. With over 1800 employees and revenues exceeding $470M, the business provides navigation and marine instruments, along with fish-finding equipment, to the recreational and commercial marine sectors. With bases in the UK, the US, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, and Mexico, Navico’s typical customers include boat OEMs, along with both commercial and recreational boat owners.



Navico was looking to form a long-term engineering partnership that would support software design, implementation and testing. The business’s internal teams wanted to focus on the development of its core products and identified the need to engage with a partner to develop products outside of its core stack – for example, in the creation of instrumentation displays for the commercial marine market. 

The business was particularly keen to work with an external team that had the appropriate domain and codebase-specific knowledge. This partner would also need to be flexible and ramp software R&D capacity up and down, according to marine market conditions.



Mobica was selected as the ideal partner because, not only were they able to provide the appropriate technical expertise, which could be deployed immediately, but they were also able to demonstrate a clear understanding of Navico’s objectives. 

Since engaging with Navico, Mobica has delivered multiple teams working on different platforms covering several services, including software development - where expertise in Linux, Android, web and real-time OSs have proven invaluable. Mobica has also concentrated a larger proportion of its work on the development of user interfaces, using C++, Qt framework and Kotlin, and the development of device drivers. Testing teams, both manual and automated, have also become an integral part of the partnership. 

Mobica also provides a Customer Success Manager and Project Manager that help to onboard new teams and control activities on a week-by-week basis. 



Navico has now built a long standing and on-going partnership with Mobica. Neil Tooley, Navico’s R&D Manager (EMEA) says this is because the Navico team has been consistently impressed with the ability of Mobica to provide the right skill sets and deliver on projects. 

This resource has allowed the business to accelerate its growth and bring more products to market than they would have otherwise been able to. This is especially true with Android frameworks, with various apps being developed by Mobica for Navico’s next gen multi-functional display.

With marine industry electronics in high demand, in part due to the lasting impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the possibilities for this on-going collaboration are huge. With the ability to respond quickly and ramp up activity according to market conditions, the partnership ensures that delivering for the engineering team will remain plain sailing.

“One of the reasons working with Mobica has been so successful is because the service provided goes beyond simply delivering highly skilled engineers. The combination of engineers, supported by a knowledgeable Customer Success Manager and a responsive Account Manager, provides continuity and a high level of service. Which is why we have worked together for so many years.”

Neil Tooley - Navico’s R&D Manager (EMEA)

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