Driving innovation using a BizDevSecOps methodology


Embedding a cooperative philosophy within the development process with our new whitepaper.


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Moving quicker_

The DevOps methodology has proved transformative for many businesses. It is enabling organisations to react to customer demand and go to market faster.
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A collaborative approach_

By breaking down the wall that existed between development and operations teams, DevOps has enabled cooperation and facilitated greater agility. This collaborative approach has proved so successful that we are now seeing security teams and business analysts embracing this philosophy – to the extent that it seems more appropriate to talk about BizDevSecOps.

Yet, despite the benefits, some project managers can still be hesitant in adopting this approach – often due to the need to adopt new processes and supporting technology.

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There is little doubt, however, that BizDevSecOps will eventually become standard practice across the IT services industry. So, to help solution and security architects make the transition sooner rather than later, Mobica has produced a free step-by-step guide on how to embrace a BizDevSecOps methodology. 

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Our white paper shares lessons learned from real world deployments and advice from leading experts in the field.


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“Security will never be fully automated as teams need to adapt to new vulnerabilities all the time, as the market changes. When it comes to known vulnerabilities, however, automation makes complete sense.”

Mariusz Stolarski
Mobica’s Global Head of Technology Office

“Whether the goal is to reduce costs, increase revenues or minimise security risks, it’s important that each business is connecting with the right tools to serve the needs of the organisation”


Arkadiusz Tułodziecki, - Head of Mobica’s DevOps Centre of Excellence

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