Identifying potential gas leaks in seconds_

Developing a mobile emissions detection system for a global technology company



A global technology company, specialising in electrification, robotics, automation and motion solutions for industrial markets, wanted to develop a leak detection system that could identify and report on gas leaks using portable monitoring systems.

The system would enable its customers in the oil and gas, chemicals and wider industrial sectors to measure methane and ethane emissions via a detection system located on specially modified vehicles, backpacks and drones – that could travel around plants, industrial sites and urban centres.

The objective was to make the solution fully mobile, making detection easier and faster – enabling customers to pinpoint the location of natural gas leak emissions remotely. 



The company needed a partner that had both the technical and the sector expertise to provide support on every aspect of the platform. Our extensive experience in embedded technologies and next generation connectivity made Mobica the obvious choice. 

We were able to provide a team with full stack and agile capabilities to support at every stage of the project. This included software to integrate data from an array of sensors that included laser-based technology to measure gases, GPS to provide accurate coordinates, and the sonic anemometer to measure wind speed and direction. Mobica was also able to develop the overall user interface (UI) and applications across a range of platforms, due to our experience in building UI dashboards to manage data and control devices.



Mobica helped the client realise the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to build a solution that is helping companies identify data on gas emissions, faster. This data can also be accessed, shared and acted upon immediately, using cloud-based reporting and analysis, based on Microsoft Azure.

This solution has opened up a new revenue stream for the technology vendor, while also delivering greater operational efficiencies and a vastly improved experience to customers. 

"Mobica was invaluable in helping us realise the vision for our mobile leak detection system. The team’s innovative design and testing frameworks also ensured that the solution reached the highest possible standard before release."

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