Integrating Machine Learning Within Industrial Environments


Understanding the technical requirements for any deployment


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Machine learning is one of the most anticipated technology developments impacting the industrial and manufacturing sectors today.

Businesses stand to receive huge benefits from deploying these solutions within their operations. Beyond the impressive productivity and performance gains, this technology can also help companies tackle broader societal and workplace challenges – everything from increasing sustainability to managing talent shortages.

However, as exciting as the potential is, machine learning isn’t a simple plug and play solution. To fully realise the potential benefits, many organisations will need to undergo a major overhaul of their technical infrastructure.

Our latest paper Integrating machine learning within industrial environments takes a close look at the requirements. This is a must-read for anyone thinking about adopting solutions based on ML technology and examines all the factors that will need to be taken into consideration to ensure a successful deployment.

Extracts from the paper_

Mobica Machine Learning

“Shutting down production lines for an installation is rarely an option, so in most cases companies will need to work with the legacy technology already in place. This could involve adding sensors and actuators to existing equipment – to make it ‘smart’. These sensors are often positioned in hard-to-reach places and will need to remain in place for 5-15 years. This raises questions over how to keep them powered.”

Machine-Learning-Errors copy

“ML is a new technology, and there are some unknowns. For example, there isn’t yet a precedent over who is responsible when this technology does not operate as expected. Does liability lie with the tech provider or the organisation deploying the solution? Given these limitations, organisations need to think carefully about where they feel comfortable deploying ML solutions, and what checks and balances they have in place.”


Download the whitepaper



Our white paper shares lessons learned from real world deployments and advice from leading experts in the field.

Mariusz Stolarski

Global Head of Technology Office

Mobica, a Cognizant company


Dele Ogunjumelo

ML Guild Leader Principal Engineer

Mobica, a Cognizant company

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