Meet The Mobican

Mariusz Stolarski

Global Head of Technology Office

With a PhD in Automatic Control and Robotics, Dr Mariusz Stolarski has a scholarly interest in the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow. Given his academic background, Mariusz has a clear view of technological trends that are reshaping society, but his vision goes well beyond the theoretical. After being awarded his doctorate, Mariusz joined Mobica as a developer, honing skills in developing for the iOS, Android, and Symbian mobile platforms. He enjoyed doing that very much, but his natural desire to learn more and to challenge the limits led him to pursue his studies in IT management.

In 2014, Mariusz joined Mobica’s Technology Office with a responsibility for building the back-end technologies and with a focus in Fintech and Banking sector, while also developing professional experience as a Customer Delivery Manager for clients including Misys, Honeywell, and ABB.


“Stay open-minded, don't be afraid to speak your mind, don't close yourself in isolation. But also support others, thanks to that you will be positively recognised, but what is more, you give yourself a chance to learn.”


Fun fact: Despite working in a high-tech field, Mariusz is a nature lover. He passionately cares about bees, and suspects that the bees don't sting him that often. Well, they must have recognised how close he is to nature.