Mobica and Cognizant: 50 years of tech expertise - and counting

Mobica and Cognizant: 50 years of tech expertise - and counting

2024 is a notable year for Mobica, as we mark our 20th year in business.

However, it’s also worth noting that 2024 is Cognizant’s 30th year in business.

With Mobica now part of the Cognizant family, this means our clients have access to 50 years of combined tech expertise and experience. Our community of software specialists and IoT innovators are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, designing and delivering next-generation software solutions.

Let’s take a look at how Mobica has evolved over the years, the impact Cognizant has made to the market in the last 30 years, and our combined plans for the future.


Mobica - transformation driven by innovation

Twenty years ago, Mobica was initially established as a mobile software development company, working for OEMs and mobile network operators. This was during the height of the Nokia, Symbian and J2ME days. Taking all this into account, it’s no surprise how the brand name ‘Mobica’ came about.

At the time, Mobica was at the forefront of new mobile technology, before diversifying its interests and specialising in a range of other sectors. From automotive to fintech to silicon, Mobica has gone from strength to strength over the last two decades.

Today, Mobica’s offering encompasses everything, from chip-to-cloud. Our expertise extends from classic C++ programming to innovative AI and machine learning applications, but we always remain focussed on achieving our customers’ objectives.

That’s always been - and will always be - Mobica’s number one goal. It’s this focus that has driven the business’ success over the years, and will continue to do so in the many years to come.

When you partner with Mobica, your goals become our goals.

Cognizant - an undisputed track record

For the past 30 years, Cognizant has built itself an enviable reputation for tech excellence with market-leading companies - and the numbers speak for themselves.

Cognizant currently works with:

  • 29 of the top 30 global pharmaceutical companies
  • 9 of the top 10 European banks
  • 9 of the top 10 media companies
  • 23 of the top 25 healthcare plans

The company focuses on IoT, AI, software engineering and cloud - the very technologies that are transforming day-to-day business.

Cognizant believes in the power of digital to transform daily business operations and enhance our everyday lives - a belief shared wholeheartedly by Mobica. With strong IoT and product engineering capabilities, Cognizant helps companies modernise technology, reimagine processes and transform experience, so they can maintain their competitive advantage in an ever-changing world.

It’s no surprise, then, that Mobica and Cognizant’s values are so perfectly aligned.


Mobica and Cognizant - stronger together

Given the heritage of both businesses and our future ambitions, the partnership between Mobica and Cognizant only serves to make us stronger, and deliver service excellence to our clients.

Mobica’s services span the entire software development lifecycle, but it has a particular specialism in creating, implementing, testing and deploying embedded software. Furthermore, Mobica possesses a proven track record in three critical sectors:

  1. Connected devices and digital transformation
  2. Silicon and technology platforms
  3. Automotive and intelligent mobility

As a result, by being part of the Cognizant family, Mobica can help expand the company’s IoT embedded software engineering capabilities, while providing clients with a deeper and broader range of end-to-end support for enabling digital transformation.

Considering the growth opportunities within embedded technology, the move is also generating exciting new skills and learning opportunities for Mobica’s talented software engineers.

The partnership means Mobica’s team has access to more ground-breaking and dynamic tech projects. More than ever before, the work our team is undertaking is playing a vital role in shaping a bold new world.

Furthermore, with Mobica augmenting Cognizant’s IoT embedded software capabilities with a ‘sweet spot’ in connected systems development, Cognizant is able to pursue innovations around the likes of cloud and networking.

Generative AI is one particular area that Cognizant is making huge strides in. One impact study from the firm predicts it could inject $1 trillion into the US economy over ten years. I also particularly enjoyed this considered article from Vibha Rustagi, Cognizant’s Global Head of IoT, Industry 4.0 and Engineering, which discusses why generative AI is well-suited to the utilities sector and its complex challenges.

Together, Mobica and Cognizant will accelerate digital transformation and move businesses forward, with both brands acting as a catalyst for vital technological change.

What’s next?

With 50 years of combined knowledge and experience in delivering tech transformation, 2024 promises to be a monumental year for Mobica and Cognizant.

Who can say for sure what the next 50 years will bring, but one thing’s for sure - we’re excited about the role Mobica and Cognizant will play in shaping tomorrow’s technology.

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