Mobica and Khronos to develop Vulkan SC 1.0 Specification

Mobica and Khronos to develop Vulkan SC 1.0 Specification

API will allow for state-of-the-art GPU acceleration deployment in safety critical markets.
London, England; 28th March 2022 - Global software services company Mobica has partnered with The Khronos® Group, an open consortium creating advanced interoperability standards, to develop the Vulkan® Safety Critical (SC) 1.0 Specification.

The new royalty-free API, which is based on the existing Vulkan graphics and compute API specification, will enable safety critical industries to benefit from advanced GPU graphics and compute acceleration – while still meeting the highest levels of safety requirements.

There has been significant growth recently in demand for advanced GPU-accelerated graphics and compute in a wide range of industries where safety is critical, including automotive, autonomy, avionics, medical, industrial, and energy. The Vulkan SC 1.0 Specification will now allow these industries to deploy and scale advanced GPU graphics and compute, while also streamlining their safety certification process.

“Vulkan SC brings explicit design and detailed control of device scheduling, synchronisation, and resource management, making it the ideal API for developing the next generation of safety critical graphics and compute applications targeting modern GPUs.”

Steve Viggers, Vulkan Safety Critical Working Group Chair

Mobica is delighted to have played a key role in the development of the Vulkan® Safety Critical (SC) 1.0 Specification and its conformance testing capabilities. We are excited to see how this royalty-free API, and the advanced GPU graphics now available, will benefit safety critical industries”

Sam Kingston, CEO of Mobica


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About Vulkan

Vulkan is an open, royalty-free API for high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs, with widespread adoption in leading engines, cutting-edge games, and demanding applications. Vulkan is supported in a diverse range of devices from Windows and Linux PCs, consoles, and the cloud, to mobile phones and embedded platforms.

About Khronos

The Khronos Group is an open, non-profit, member-driven consortium of over 180 industry-leading companies creating advanced, royalty-free, interoperability standards for 3D graphics, augmented and virtual reality, parallel programming, vision acceleration, machine learning, and the metaverse. Khronos activities include 3D Commerce™, ANARI™, glTF™, NNEF™, OpenCL™, OpenGL®, OpenGL® ES, OpenVG™, OpenVX™, OpenXR™, SPIR-V™, SYCL™, Vulkan®, and WebGL™. Khronos members drive the development and evolution of Khronos specifications and are able to accelerate the delivery of cutting-edge platforms and applications through early access to specification drafts and conformance tests.