Mobica Joins Cognizant

Mobica Joins Cognizant

Mobica Joins Cognizant

Manchester, England; 13th March 2023 - We are excited about the enormous potential from joining Cognizant and pursuing our common goal to improve everyday life through bringing software engineering capabilities to innovative business enterprises and digitising the physical world.

There is a strong cultural alignment between us across all axes ranging from the technology, customer-centricity and progressive “out of the box” thinking.   

Mobica is gaining access to a global community of domain and technology experts. Cognizant has an extraordinary track record of innovation and digital transformation projects delivered over the past 25 years for the market leading brands. Being a member of the Cognizant family will expand the boundaries of possibilities for us in envisioning, co-designing, and delivering next-generation software services along the Chip to Cloud continuum. Mobica has built a reputation as a strategic partner for delivering connected software engineering services across the entire technology stack to technology-driven market leaders. Combining our expertise with Cognizant IoT capabilities propels us into far-reaching broader conversations with clients and brings digital transformation ambitions to the next level, specifically in for example the automotive software defined vehicle arena.

We believe that technology should be empowering

A shared core belief is in the power of digital to transform daily business operations and improve life experiences. In Cognizant we have found a Partner who shares our convictions and is supporting clients around the globe to pre-empt challenges, re-imagining, and transforming the full spectrum of interactions. Together we will have synergy to accelerate the pace of positive changes, where yesterday's predictions and research sketches are turned into reality as tech devices become user friendly every-day practical tools and the underlying effective technologies are rapidly adopted.  

Future-ready expertise to build future-ready solutions

Mobica uses our engineering skills to help businesses create extraordinary solutions, while as previously referenced, we have capabilities to deliver across the whole technology stacks, our ‘sweet spot’ lies in the connected systems development. Cognizant will enable us to scale rapidly our boundaries in terms of depth, breadth, and complexity of what can be offered to Clients. As a market leader, Cognizant is a trusted brand with proven capabilities in software engineering and stand-out expertise in IOT, AI and Cloud.

Build, Solve and Engineer

Mobica’s engineering talent possesses the knowledge to help our Clients achieve outcomes via developing software to create next generation products and services or to solve complex software related problems. Mobica brings this expertise and competence to supplement Cognizant’s IoT practice and to act as the germination hub for growth regionally and globally in accordance with a clearly articulated digital roadmap.  

This is an amazing opportunity for Mobica’s employees and for our Clients to gain benefit from this new Chapter in Mobica’s Journey.