The war for talent: why are developers so hard to find?

The war for talent: why are developers so hard to find?

In the modern, competitive world of tech, businesses need talented and skilled developers more than ever before.

Having the right developer, with the right skills, on staff can be the make or break factor in meeting the demands of clients and getting a product to market.

Despite this, developers with real talent seem to be getting harder and harder to find and recruit. Why is this?

Spot the developer_

In 2020, there were thought to be around 408 thousand programmers and software developers in the UK alone.

With government investment and innovation driving the development of new and exciting technologies, this number is sure to increase.

But why, then, is it so hard to find and recruit these developers? If there are so many developers to go around, why is there a talent shortage?

The fact of the matter is that there really isn’t a shortage of developers, you’re probably just looking in the wrong place.

On the market_

Salaries for software developers are some of the highest in the UK, starting at around £40k on the low end and reaching almost £50k on average. Some jobs in the South of England and other hotspots are paying upwards of £100k, according to Reed[2].

This trend of high wages means that, often, it becomes a numbers game. You may not be reaching the most talented and in-demand developers because the salary you’re offering is too low, and it’s more beneficial to the candidate to go for a higher-paying role.

The other likelihood is that many developers simply aren’t even on the market. With such incredible demand for developers of all disciplines, most have recruiters and headhunters snapping at their heels, meaning they’re unlikely to stop and fill out a job application.

Ultimately, it’s a seller’s market for developers and programmers, and businesses need to rethink the way they’re trying to reach them if they want to get the right people on board.

Changing perspective_

It’s a challenge, then, for businesses to not only find the right developer at the right time but also snap them up before a competitor can.

The trick to overcoming this challenge is to shift your perspective on recruitment and employment. Following a mass move to remote working during COVID-19, workers - particularly developers - are looking for jobs that allow them the flexibility to work the way they want, without being locked into one employer.

Instead of attempting to lure in developers with ever-increasing salaries and benefits, why not try a different method of employment altogether?

At Mobica, we are pioneering Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) for tech and software companies in the UK and beyond, allowing more flexibility for employers and employees, and ensuring talent is always available when needed.

How does TaaS work?_

We connect tech businesses with talented, experienced developers via our cloud-based software. A different beast altogether to both traditional employment and contract work, our Mobica TaaS service enables businesses to connect with and secure the most skilled developers for short or mid-term contracts.

Ideal for the fast-paced world of technology, TaaS enables both employer and employee to reap the benefits of partnership without any of the drawbacks, with an agreed length of employment and none of the issues that come with traditional employment.

We have thousands of skilled Mobicans raring to help you streamline and optimise development on a flexible basis.

By taking advantage of this new way to recruit talent, you can equip your business with in-demand developers and skills on a timeframe that suits you, without a single job ad or recruiter.

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