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how semiconductor businesses can capitalise on the market opportunities for connected devices

A best practice e-guide from industry experts on how semiconductor companies can take advantage, both now and in the coming years

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Driving demand

The global semiconductor market is projected to grow by 4.6% in 2023, to $662 billion US dollars. The power and potential of connected devices is driving demand across all industries, creating an incredible opportunity for the semiconductor sector.

Pressure to deliver

Nevertheless, this demand is set against a backdrop of challenges that could prevent businesses from capitalising on this  opportunity.

From the pressure to deliver smaller chips that deliver greater performance while consuming less power, to OEMs having to meet shorter and shorter development cycles.


Talent shortage

All of this is further exacerbated by an increasingly competitive job market for the best tech talent. From retaining existing talent, to securing new experts in their field, the talent shortage is a real issue for the semiconductor sector.
To meet this need, Mobica has published a new e-guide, Today, tomorrow, the future: connected devices for the semiconductor industry.


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With connected devices increasing the requirement for sensors, connectivity, memory, microcontrollers and integrated circuits, businesses are now required to deliver comprehensive solutions that cover security, functionality, or systems-integration services, in addition to hardware. In this e-guide, Mobica advises on how organisations can take advantage of growth opportunities today, tomorrow and in the future.

“Whether it’s enriching a team with individual experts, leveraging the skills of reliable and authoritative teams in order to scale, or delegating an entire software development project to a trusted partner, TaaS will help semiconductor companies to access untapped potential.”


Mariusz Stolarski - Global Head Technology Office at Mobica

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In this e-guide, you will discover:

  • How demand for connected devices and the IoT market will evolve in the future, and how semiconductor businesses can keep pace with this
  • The key questions that need to be answered and potential risks that need to be addressed when planning a project today
  • The platforms, tools, techniques and languages of tomorrow that should be on your radar