The CTO's guide to digital transformation:

Navigating the engineering talent crisis and creating a roadmap to success

Discover extraordinary transformation

For today’s time-poor tech leaders, the daily demands of ‘business as usual’ can be an obstacle to developing and implementing the strategies that will enable true transformation and help organisations secure a competitive advantage. And it isn’t just time that’s in short supply: finding, recruiting and retaining skilled tech talent with the right sets of specialisms is a challenge that every business in pursuit of digital transformation faces right now.

We’ve collaborated closely with industry experts, tech specialists and our own pioneering partners to develop five principles designed to guide the visionary CTO or Head of Engineering as they plot a path through the complexities of technological advancements, gather together the talented people they need, and set a course for rapid transformation and future success.

Join the visionaries

In this guide, you will discover:

  • How to create a digital transformation roadmap that will take you from concept to realisation and beyond
  • How to identify the talent gaps in your organisation and assemble the teams you need to succeed
  • How leading organisations from different industries have accelerated their own digital transformation
  • How to build agility into development processes and scale at pace