Augmented Reality_

We can help you to revolutionise user experiences with augmented reality.

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We can help you create solutions that take advantage of this transformative

technology to enhance your end users’ capabilities.


We support companies that are developing solutions across a broad range of industries – including next generation navigation for marine vessels and road vehicles, and smart glasses used in the healthcare industry.


Our engineering expertise is helping to bring these highly sophisticated products to life. Our close working relationships with the major technology vendors means we always have the most up to date insights into new features that are transforming this area of technology. 


This also enables us to upgrade and maintain your existing augmented reality solutions to ensure your end users receive the optimum experience.

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We will help you to provide your customers and employees with amazing end user experiences.

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision

The ability of camera sensors and machine learning to recognise images and detect objects is driving ground-breaking changes in multiple industries.


Edge and embedded systems

Our unparalleled expertise in embedded systems will enable your business to embrace new and emerging technologies.

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