Accelerating performance from a VPU_

Mobica develops embedded software for handheld cameras used for special applications in various industries.



A leading designer and manufacturer of cameras for industrial and test & measurement applications decided to use a specialized low-power VPU for a new camera module. 

The company that designed this processor was relatively small in the semiconductor industry and was limited in its ability to support our customer with essential software development. 

For this reason, and the significant difficulty in programming a processor with constrained resources, our customer chose Mobica to build a team for the design and implementation of the new cutting edge camera module.



Trusted talent-as-a-service engagement model

As an existing trusted partner our team of embedded software experts worked closely with our customer in accordance with our talent-as-a-service engagement model. 

Initially, in collaboration with the customer we designed architecture, and once finalised we rapidly implemented the core features of the camera. 

After a short period of familiarisation, we were in a position to lead the architectural design decisions on the project including the delivering of core functionality such as video pipeline, connectivity, standard camera interfaces and GUI framework. 

Individual implementation tasks included the development of advanced image processing algorithms and support for Wi-Fi, USB, MIPI, GigE, ONVIF, flash memory and FFT.



Once we had understood how to program the VPU effectively and prove our domain expertise, our customer entrusted us to take more responsibility for the secure delivery across a wide range of features to support their product teams. 

Products containing this camera module were used across a broad range of applications such as firefighting, moisture meters, borescopes, marine cameras, and automotive diagnostics. 

We built and retained a core team that maintained the knowledge of the codebase over a multi-year engagement, delivering successful solutions to product teams in North America, Europe and Asia.

“To make all that functionality work on this processor and its resource constraints, Mobica had to provide their best talent, and we got their best team that we retained for years.”

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