Automating services for millions of mobile customers_

Mobica enabled a telco to develop a comprehensive care solution


The Challenge_

A global telecommunications leader wanted to automate technical support for the services they were offering to customers via their mobile phones.

Their aim was to create an application that could provide customers with the ability to check the reliability of cellular service and diagnose potential technical issues directly with their phone, as well as to provide other useful features, like viewing their account and billing data. By automating these services, the telco wanted to improve the end user experience and achieve operational cost savings for both their customer care and retail teams. 

To realise this ambition, an end-to-end solution needed to be developed that could support tens of millions of users. Due to the scale of the project and the skills required, it was identified that external expertise was needed to complete the project.


The Solution

Mobica were chosen as the key development partner for this project due to our vast experience with mobile technology, our expertise in embedded systems and our ability to provide support across the full technology stack. 

Our team supported the telco in the design, development and testing of their automated support service. This work included the creation of a mobile application (including UI/UX design) as well as development of the backend infrastructure based on AWS services. The scope also included the development of remote mobile testing capabilities via a centralised management system.



Mobica were able to deliver key skills to the customer at every stage of the project, supporting both the front and back end – on mobile and in the Cloud.

Our ability to be flexible, provide custom hardware implementations and work with open-source software provided the telco with the comprehensive level of support they required – helping to make the project a success.

“To produce a solution that met our customer expectations we needed a partner who really understood the technology and could extend our internal knowledge-base. Mobica gave us that. We were able to strike up a close working relationship that helped deliver a solution we could all be proud of.”

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