Scalable network building_

Mobica develops solutions for the network edge and data center to solve scalability challenges



A leading global chipmaker creates scalable processors and supporting software to process data at the edge of the cellular network and in data centers where it is compressed and encrypted on its journey across the Internet. 

The exponential growth of data opens up new opportunities for this customer to solve scalability and performance challenges around network equipment. 

The challenges can be solved partly through innovations in processor design and manufacturing process, and partly through the software that enables multiple processor cores to be used efficiently in network-related applications.



Processing and moving data at the fastest possible speeds.

Mobica developed SDKs, libraries and device drivers, to enable the key features of our customer’s high performance silicon.

As a long-term software partner, we delivered a combination of expertise in low-level software, hardware-assisted acceleration and network stacks. 

Our teams in Europe and the US worked with our customer according to an agile methodology where the customer delegated work for each sprint and Mobicans managed the successful delivery. To support the communications and seamless delivery, our Customer Success Manager played a key role in overseeing all aspects of the projects.

We developed solutions for accelerated data encryption and compression, high bandwidth network interface cards, multi-access edge computing (MEC), network function virtualization (NFV), fast packet switching, and virtualized RAN reference architectures. 

The technology that we used included the DPDK for deep packet inspection and flexible packet switching. For a successful software implementation of physical layer DSP, we used a processor’s special instructions for SIMD and vector extensions.



Semiconductor companies are becoming increasingly alike to software companies with their growing software development teams, but they still need help from long-term partners like Mobica to bring specific expertise in areas such as networking and hardware-assisted acceleration. We helped this chipmaker to solve many of the tough technical challenges presented by their ecosystem of network builders and allow them to meet and exceed high levels of demand to drive further growth.

"We regard Mobica as a long-term trusted partner capable of dealing with the toughest technical challenges across the software stack and across multiple related projects, especially in network and virtualization technology"

VP, Software and Advanced Technology - Leading Semiconductor Company. Listed on Fortune 500

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