The value of object identification to the retail industry_

Partnering with retail companies and a semiconductor vendor to develop real world use cases



A semiconductor vendor had developed a product suite that was helping to deliver object identification and tracking technology to numerous market segments. This technology had already been applied to a wide range of machines, including autonomous drones, robots and smart home devices to improve device perception capabilities.

The company, however, needed a software development partner to help demonstrate the potential of this technology to the retail sector. An industry at the forefront of innovation when it comes to enhancing the overall customer experience, retail was identified as a sector where this product suite could deliver significant benefits.



Mobica was selected by the vendor due to our deep understanding of low-level programming and embedded systems, as well as the creativity and adaptability we had demonstrated in other engagements.

To help highlight the value of the technology, the team designed and developed a range of demos to exhibit bespoke retail applications. We also worked with several retail and retail tech companies to create real world use cases. 

These solutions included customer tracking and analytics and an automated customer identification-supported loyalty service. A facial recognition application, using a depth camera with a GUI layer for adding and managing customers in a database, was also developed in tandem with a companion app that could present these facial recognition results alongside purchasing suggestions - tailored to individual consumer preferences.



The programme spanned several years and was supported by a team of up to six Mobica engineers working with the vendor at any one time. 

In addition to the demos themselves, which were showcased at some of the industry’s largest shows across the globe, our team also provided engineering feedback on the vendor’s SDK and API solutions, as well as advising on potential improvements and extensions.

"Mobica enabled us to work more closely with our customers to demonstrate the power of our tech. The additional knowledge and support they provided was a great help to us on this project."

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