Fuelling success for a global automotive leader_

Creating high quality in-vehicle infotainment for the luxury car market



In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems have become a major battleground for differentiation for automotive OEMs. This is especially true at the luxury end of the market, where quality, convenience, safety considerations and 24/7 connectivity are expected as standard.

To deliver such an IVI experience, one of the world’s most successful sports car manufacturers partnered with a Tier 1 vendor to develop a new platform that would cement the view that it was at the forefront of innovation. 

When scoping out the project, however, the Tier 1 vendor identified that it did not have the depth of expertise in the OEM’s preferred HMI WebUI-based technology, or sufficient resources in-house to fulfil the project’s specifications.

To meet its broad and ambitious vision, the Tier 1 vendor also needed external support to create a Board Support Package (BSP), middleware and multiple applications. 



Mobica was selected as the development partner for this project due to our extensive experience of working with leading automotive Tier 1s and OEMs – experience which has seen us design and deliver best in class IVI with high quality digital cockpit solutions and applications. Our team of experts also has deep knowledge of HMI development. 

Mobica provided full end-to-end management of the HMI component of the project. Built using an open-source AngularJS framework, the solution included the integration of third-party libraries, including navigation and smartphone projection frameworks for a more cohesive and consistent user experience. 

Regional variants of the solution were also built, including English, German, Italian, French, and Japanese localisations, so the OEM could deliver customised versions to the end consumer. 




Mobica integrated seamlessly with both the Tier 1 vendor and the OEM – providing a highly skilled team of 25, comprising a project manager, an architect, Javascript engineers, UX designers and testers. 

Together, the team was able to bring the product vision to life – delivering a fully immersive and enhanced experience to the OEM’s discerning customer base. 

This has enabled customers to enjoy entertainment, communication, navigation, information and vehicle management at a level of luxury which is consistent with the manufacturer's reputation for excellence.

“Mobica has stand-out expertise in HMI technology development. This enabled us to create an industry leading IVI platform and deliver the user experience we were striving for.”

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