BSD Boost: Kernel Integration Success

Mobica streamlined kernel integration, boosting client success in BSD environments while cutting maintenance costs



Our customer aimed to expand their client base with technology offering cryptographic and data compression services, while mitigating maintenance costs. However, their existing software package faced challenges. Released through a cumbersome out-of-tree process, it resulted in prolonged turnaround times and intricate quality checks, adding to maintenance overheads.

The task at hand was to develop a software package seamlessly integrated into the BSD kernel, ensuring leaner release processes without compromising on quality.



Mobica embarked on a journey to redesign the driver, transitioning it to kernel space with a bespoke API. Overcoming technical hurdles, particularly aligning the driver code with FreeBSD's open cryptographic framework, proved to be a significant milestone. Efforts culminated in rigorous validation, with over 6000 integration tests and 2800 system tests conducted in a single cycle.

Collaborating closely with open-source maintainers, Mobica spearheaded a series of high-level designs, code reviews, and fixes. This collaborative effort resulted in the integration of the driver code into the kernel, a feat achieved within five months from the initial pull request to the community.

To ensure quality control, Mobica implemented an internal release process before external code reviews. Additionally, a streamlined procedure for handling bug fixes and third-party contributions was established, empowering our customer to maintain oversight over quality standards.

"Mobica has been more than just a vendor; they've been a long-term partner in our success. Their expertise in kernel integration has consistently delivered results, enabling us to grow and innovate together over the years."


-Project Director, Semiconductor Company


Specific Key Technologies

The project leveraged expertise in C, kernel drivers (FreeBSD, Linux), and a Python-based proprietary test framework, reinforced by continuous integration practices.



The implementation of Mobica’s solution yielded remarkable outcomes. Our customer's technology attracted a fresh wave of kernel-space clients while simultaneously reducing future maintenance costs. Notably, our software solution garnered recognition and appreciation from the FreeBSD Community, further solidifying our position as a trusted industry partner.

With the influx of new clients, the backlog of feature requests continues to grow, underscoring the success and scalability of the solution delivered by Mobica.

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