Helping telcos bring IoT to the consumer market_

Building an IoT backend platform that can be viewed on a mobile app



The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping businesses to connect the things that matter – providing them with the oversight and insights they need to enable greater productivity. 

A global telecommunications brand wanted to extend these benefits to the consumer market and enable its customers to connect and gather information from all the things that matter to them. 

This would allow them to locate and protect their belongings – be that a vehicle, bag, camera or even a beloved pet. The telco also wanted to give customers value added functionality, which included the ability to extract usage data from a car. 

The plan was to enable customers to view and analyse all this information on their mobile phone or a via web application. The telco, however, did not have sufficient internal resources to develop a system that could scale to support millions of devices. 



The telco recruited the support of Mobica due to our ability to support the full technical stack – from embedded systems at the device level to backend services in the Cloud.

Mobica was initially involved on a consultancy basis as the telco wanted to scope the project, conduct a series of feasibility R&D studies and develop a proof of concept (PoC). 

We then helped to move the project forward by supporting the development of an IoT backend platform, creating a scalable architecture using AWS EKS for microservice containers. We also provided the business logic for the management of IoT devices, Android app development and the low-level Bluetooth enablement of OBD ports to supply automobile data. 



Mobica supported the telco on the project for several years, from the initial PoC through to the iterative development of live versions of the product.

The telco now has a functioning platform that tracks SIM based devices, offers location-based services and provides a mobile companion application for device management via a cloud-based API. 

The system is capable of tracking car trips, producing driving statistics and identifying hardware faults, all of which can be shared with insurance companies.

“Our platform underwent various revisions and improvements since inception. This was possible because of the support we received across the technology stack and the close cooperation and daily contact we had with Mobica.”


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