OpenSynergy: a Mobica Success Story_

Solving complex automotive software challenges requires a high level of expertise that’s not always easy to find.


OpenSynergy GmbH

OpenSynergy is a leading specialist in embedded software products for next-generation vehicles and operates worldwide. Its hypervisor and Bluetooth products are paving the way for tier 1 suppliers and car manufacturers to create integrated driving experiences.

Mobica helps OpenSynergy scale to meet integration demands

Access to expertise is helping OpenSynergy grow its business – helping them to win new projects and deliver on the final outcomes.



OpenSynergy has developed a standards-based automotive virtual platform, COQOS Hypervisor SDK, that integrates operating systems such as Linux and Android in domain controllers running head units and instrument clusters or connectivity systems.

As the automotive industry has transitioned from proprietary operating systems to Linux-based solutions, OpenSynergy has seen an increase in demand for its virtualisation products.

While this growth is welcomed, it has put a strain on the business’s tech talent needs. The challenge becomes particularly acute when product development teams are required to deal with customer integration issues. This frequent occurrence pulls internal teams away from other key areas of focus.

OpenSynergy needed a flexible solution that could help them scale, as and when demand required it – which is often at short notice.



Mobica was selected to provide OpenSynergy with the integration and configuration support it needed for its virtualisation products.

The specialist expertise Mobica offers was an important factor in the selection process. OpenSynergy needed engineers with embedded Linux and Android skills, across the automotive domain. Mikael Holber, Director of Delivery and Professional Services at OpenSynergy says, "The key differentiating factor between Mobica and other options was experience, professionalism and flexibility”.

A team of Mobica engineers has been working to scale OpenSynergy’s teams, working primarily on rear seat entertainment and Yocto integration. Mikael adds, “Mobica provides vital services for porting our virtualisation products to Qualcomm SA8155P and NXP I.MX8 platforms.”

In addition, Mobica also provides R&D services to OpenSynergy, supporting pre-development of new solutions.”



The support Mobica now offers has been relevant to OpenSynergy successfully growing its business operations – helping them to win new projects and deliver on the final outcomes.

Mikael said “Mobica’s engineers are absolute professionals. New engineers are quickly able to come on board and work seamlessly with our own employees.” This level of integration means Mobica engineers often play a more significant role inside the OpenSynergy structure – which allows OpenSynergy to focus their internal resources on pre-development activities. “The Mobica team has given us a flexibility that we wouldn’t have otherwise had”, explains Mikael.

OpenSynergy plans to continue their partnership with Mobica in future, as the company’s project portfolio continues to grow.

“Mobica's engineers are absolute professionals with skills that are very relevant to OpenSynergy's needs. I would describe them as professional, flexible, and innovative. Mobica's culture and values are very similar to OpenSynergy.”

Mikael Holber - Director Delivery & Professional Services, OpenSynergy GmbH

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