Speech Core and Human Machine Interface

Mobica develops solutions for a multinational manufacturer (OEM) of luxury vehicles and motorcycles headquartered in Germany



Our client was seeking a competent team with the ability to take charge of two software components (middleware and HMI). These components are part of the In-Vehicle Infotainment system and are implemented on various ECU variants. The challenge was maintaining these software components consistently - as some run-on production ECU variants (post-SOP) but are also meant for ECU variants still in development, with new features added.



Mobica formed three Scrum teams that were responsible for the following software components: Speech Core, which is a middleware application, Dialogs, which is a dialogue specification, and Alexa, which is integrated into ECU and HMI. Each team took full responsibility for their respective component.

Additionally, Mobica has been involved in the full development lifecycle, starting from the designing of new component features through development, validation, and integration up to the maintenance (complete SDLC).

Mobica has also provided dedicated teams for particular aspects of the project, like Defect Management, Integrators or QA.

Quality of the product was ensured by delivering the Delivery Process and mature testing approach: automated tests (Test in the Loop) and manual tests.


Specific Key Technologies

C++, Linux, Python



Mobica’s scrum teams designed, developed and integrated numerous of new features tailored to various regions and markets.

The main functionality of Speech was to deliver the interface and logic between the third-party low-level Speech component and HMI.

The main functionality of HMI was to interact with users in a visual and voice manner to deliver a smooth user experience. 

"Our experience working with Mobica has been exceptional. The team is top-notch - highly dedicated, motivated, proactive, and always willing to take on responsibility. They are helpful and cooperative, making collaboration a breeze. As the VP of Automotive Software, I couldn't be more impressed with their professionalism and commitment to delivering quality work."

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