Meet The Mobican

Deepika Patel

Head of Marketing

With her MBA in marketing, Deepika brings more than 17 years of professional experience to Mobica - where she’s responsible for planning and implementing a robust global marketing strategy. She has built and led several successful marketing departments, so has a deep understanding of how excellent employee engagement supports external marketing strategies and revenue creation. She’s also worked across diverse industries globally, giving her a truly rounded perspective on what really makes businesses stand out from the crowd.


“The thing I love most about Mobica is the culture of openness; everyone has a voice and is encouraged to put their ideas forward. When you’re a Mobican, your passions matter and will always be supported - and that’s true for everyone equally.”


Fun fact: Deepika is definitely what you would call an ‘animal lover’. She grew up with 13 pets: seven dogs, four parrots, and two cats all living in the family home!