Customer Success Manager

What might a Mobican Customer Success Manager look like? Industry experience and technical skills are a huge bonus in this role, which is responsible for the delivery of incredible outcomes for our customers. In the past, we’ve recruited for this role from within Mobica. One of our current Customer Success Managers joined Mobica 12 years ago as a Software Engineer, before moving into project management and leadership roles. With C++, Embedded C and Objective C skills, and experience of working across a range of projects including a telecoms app, an application for AutoCad, and an iOS remote control marine navigation device, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to this critical role.

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Account Manager

What might a Mobican Account Manager look like? Well, they need to be as enthusiastic about developing relationships as they are about technology, and have a real understanding of what makes our customers tick

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Competence Centre Manager

What might a Mobican Competence Centre Manager look like? We would expect them to have complete competence in the area they manage - but that’s just one skill that our Competence Centre Managers bring to their role.

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Software Engineer

What might a Mobican Software Engineer look like? Ours all have well developed technical competencies and a true passion for what they do.

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