Software Engineer

What might a Mobican Software Engineer look like? Ours all have well developed technical competencies and a true passion for what they do. Sometimes they join us as interns, before making the move to Junior Software Engineer and then building up their levels of knowledge, experience and responsibility. For example, one of our current Software Engineers joined us as an intern in 2018, while studying. They started working on exciting and challenging international projects almost immediately. Now, with well-developed skills in C++, C++ 17 and Python, they have worked on several projects involving the development and maintenance of automotive navigation. They make a significant contribution to the demanding projects they work on and have gained an incredible amount of trust from the customers they support.

Mobican Roles_


Competence Centre Manager

What might a Mobican Competence Centre Manager look like? We would expect them to have complete competence in the area they manage - but that’s just one skill that our Competence Centre Managers bring to their role.

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Software Consultant

What might a Mobican Software Consultant look like? Well, for starters they always have advanced technical competencies and stacks of experience.

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Technical Solutions Architect

What might a Mobican Technical Solutions Architect look like? Our Technical Solutions Architects have all the skills needed to help our customers map out their requirements, conduct feasibility studies, derisk project plans and take the preliminary steps towards extraordinary outcomes.

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