Software Consultant

What might a Mobican Software Consultant look like? Well, for starters they always have advanced technical competencies and stacks of experience. They will have worked across complex projects in their specialist industry and across the whole software lifecycle. Often, they will have joined Mobica as a Software Engineer or Senior Software Engineer before moving up to Consultant level once their skills are perfectly tuned. One of our current Software Consultants did exactly that and can now give our customers the benefit of competencies that include Qt/QML, C++ and Python, as well as experience of developing Qt software for vending machines, implementing new HMI and backend features including Bluetooth LE communication, and improving performance and the architecture of our customers’ products. They have also recently provided a customer with Qt, C++ and Git/Gerrit training.

Mobican Roles_


Software Engineer

What might a Mobican Software Engineer look like? Ours all have well developed technical competencies and a true passion for what they do.

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Technical Solutions Architect

What might a Mobican Technical Solutions Architect look like? Our Technical Solutions Architects have all the skills needed to help our customers map out their requirements, conduct feasibility studies, derisk project plans and take the preliminary steps towards extraordinary outcomes.

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Project Administrator

What might a Mobican Project Manager look like? With well developed data analysis skills, they’ll be adept at project management and excellent at problem solving.

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